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Parachutist Helmet JH-05

The helmet is specially designed to protect you during HAHO missions against extreme environmental influences. The integrated visor gives a maximum on comfort during the gliding phase. For HALO missions we recommend additionally the SI ballistic goggle, please refer to “SI Ballistic Goggle”.
  • 53 cm – 62 cmAvailable size:
  • S/M/LAvailable lining size:
  • 27 cmLength:
  • 25 cmWidth:
  • 23,4 cmHeight:
  • 950 grWeight:
  • FL 330Maximum useable altitude:
  • + 70° C; - 55° COperation temperatures:

The JH-05 helmet includes:

  • Transport bag
  • Integrated moving visor clear or sunlight protecting (sunlight protecting visor optional)
  • Integrated oxygen mask receiver kit pivoted and adjustable
  • Integrated anti-collision lights, red color (other color or infrared on request)
  • Integrated night vision goggle adapter Thales Lucie (or other adapters and covers on request)
  • Communication set according to customer requirements
  • Integrated communication speakers (optional)
  • Boom microphone for use without oxygen mask optional

The helmet shell is made of high-tech lightweight aramid-carbon compound materials and airspace-approved resin. The aerodynamic shape of the helmet shell reduces drag and allows carrying a night vision goggle during free-fall.

The customizable liner is designed for optimal low temperature protection and provide for a excellent wearing comfort.

The ear pads surface is made of leather and the lining itself is made of flame-retardant fabric.

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