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OXYJUMP Breathing Mask


The mask utilizes a lightweight composite hard-shell that may be custom-trimmed to allow comfort while maintaining appropriate fit. A silicone rubber face piece incorporates a reflective seal design for optimum sealing capabilities, and a chin cup, which provides mask stability and retention.

An exhalation valve occluder is incorporated on the compensated exhalation valve to assist the parachutist/aircrew in performing valsalva.

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The purpose of the parachutist/aircrew oxygen mask is to provide the user with a lightweight, low profile, comfortable mask to deliver breathing gas in concentrations up to and including 100% oxygen both during prior to jumping or for any aircrew mission profile.

Prior to any jump pre-breathing of 100% oxygen will reduce or eliminate risk of decompression sickness and will improve night vision.

During ascent and while at altitude, it will prevent hypoxia.

The breathing mask has been modified for an improved oxygen hose. It is equipped with a microphone and a connector to radio communication equipment. A flexible, non-bendable textile hose connects the mask to the breathing regulator and assures free flow of breathing gas during freefall. The mask can be connected to the light weight helmet by means of bayonet-couplings.

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