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SLG100 Heavy Cargo Harness

The SLG100 heavy cargo harness is especially made for fragile goods that go beyond the limits of the SG7/100 harness. Additionally the SLG100 comes with a special heavy cargo drogue useful for jumps with maximum suspended exit weight of the parachute system.
  • 4,5 kgWeight SLG100:
  • 60 KIAS Minimum deployment speed:
  • 180 kgMaximum payload:
  • 210 KIASMaximum deployment speed:
  • + 70° C; - 55° COperation temperatures:

The SLG100 heavy cargo harness includes:

  • Heavy cargo harness SLG100
  • Heavy cargo drogue
  • Lowering device with V-connectors, friction plate with center strap and lowering line

The SLG100 heavy cargo harness comes with a special made heavy cargo drogue. In dimension and weights this drogue is similar to the drogue of kit drogue. Only the construction of the drogue canopy is different. The kill-line in the upper part is double and a part of the top surface around the cushion is made with parapack. This allows a “normal” freefall speed with full suspended exit weight of the parachute. The drogue of kit drogue is useable too but with higher weight the freefall speed exceeds significant.

To get the fully range of the heavy cargo harness we recommend the “Kit Heavy Cargo”. This kit enhances the SLG100 heavy cargo harness to its full operational range.

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