Harald Becker-Freyseng

Function: Head of Product Support / Quality Assurance Representative ATASS

Harald Becker-Freyseng, born 1946 in Sonthofen. In 1972 he got his Mechanical Engineer Degree. During his time at university he got his first experience in product support at the company Dornier GmbH. From July 1972 to December 2010 he was employed in different positions at ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistk-GmbH, starting as system engineer later as head of department “Special Systems”.

Since January 2012 he is Head of Product Support and Quality Assurance Representative at ATASS. During his employment at ESG he achieved great experience in managing product support. Starting as system engineer he became project manager for “Lifetime Extension Programs” for different weapon systems. For example he was responsible for product support of functional equipment of the following weapon systems used by the German Forces: Fighter aircraft F-4 Phantom, transport aircraft Transall C 160 and helicopter CH-53G.
Later he became supervisor of the system- and instrument engineering team. Subsequently he was head of department “Special Systems” until he left.

Based on his varied experience Mr. Becker-Freyseng was able to achieve extensive knowledge for processing product support according to the requirements of the German Air Force as written in the “Betreuungsleistungskatalog 2008”.
Being a member of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) for many years he has a wide range of contacts within the industry. In addition, he has many years of experience in cooperation with government agencies and business partners.

Area of Responsibility:

  • Product Support
    • Definition, design, planning and supervising product support
    • Coordination of manufacturers and subcontractors
    • Coordination with the Airworthiness Assurance Representative ATASS
  • Quality Assurance
    • Supervising the project quality assurance person responsible
    • Performing internal audits
    • Responsible for external audits
    • Reporting to Board of Directors
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