Eileen Jelitko

Function: Marketing and Sales Assistant

Eileen Jelitko, born 1988 in Schongau. After her junior high school diploma, she completed successful in 2011 her education for a Sport- and Fitness Trainer. Till summer 2012 she increased her skill in administrative office work at e.on Bayern AG. Her childhood was close to drop zones, because of her father’s skydiving school. Therefore she is familiar with the organisation of skydiving events.

Area of Responsibility:

  • Exhibition Organization
    • Booking exhibition space
    • Design of the exhibition booth
    • Booth attendance during the exhibition
  • Support for Parachute Training (national/international)
    • Ground operations
    • Manifest
    • Office work
  • Advertising
    • Comparison of quotes
    • Design of promotional items
    • Order and inspection of promotional items
    • Stock monitoring
  • Shipment of goods
  • Temporary replacement and support to the executive assistant
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